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TypeForm to filter Hot Leads

Typeform responses to filter hot leads

What is Typeform?

Typeform is a “paid” form-creator platform with lots of designs to adopt. With different colours or backgrounds, the form can be designed beautifully.

Lots of questions scare the soul out of anyone. Therefore businesses prefer Typeform. So that they can collect responses from their client without scaring them. This has the option to show one question at a time.

Drop-downs, Multi-select, Long or short answer, an optional field, Previous answer in next Question, Question on basis of the previous answer are some features.

TypeForm to filter Hot Leads

Case Study: Typeform responses to Trello

My Canadian clients own a Lead generation business for shipping and carrier agencies. He also teaches “how to sell to close transportation clients.” 

Now the problem is that he is receiving calls from information collectors and most of the people who are just starting out. He wanted only Hot and serious leads on call. To avoid this he created a Typeform form and wanna filter out the serious leads.

Problems to tackle:

  • Information collectors just waste the time.
  • People who are planning to start or has started recently book the calls.
  • He has to manually open Typeform as updation was not instant.

With Make. com (formerly Integromat) automation, he was able to track responses instantly

  • He uses Trello for his business where he gives out leads to his clients on a monthly basis. SO I created an Make. com (formerly Integromat) automation that whenever someone feels out the form. It should create a card with Typeform details and customer details.

In a similar way, Any inquiry form can connect with Make. com (formerly Integromat) and update you on different platforms. Read here How Make. com (formerly Integromat) helped to save Contact FOrm 7 responses to CRM or ClickUp.

Sign Up for Make. com (formerly Integromat) here and get a 1-month Core plan free.

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