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Learning Make (Formerly Integromat) has a steep learning curve. You have to spend at least 6 months to be near any experts. There are 1000+ apps and growing on this platform with different methods required to set up. It’s next to impossible to learn everything. 

Now if you will go to the help centre to ask for support in setting up the scenario or to optimise it. They won’t be able to provide help on time. They take 24-48hrs of work days to provide support. If you will ask in Facebook group or forum then also you have to wait…

Don’t worry now, with my support you don’t have to wait…

I have a monthly subscription plan where I provide instant support and even error rectification. Check out more comparative details for make Error support…



Basic Doubt Subscription


Standard Doubt Subscription


Adv. Doubt & strategy Subscription

**I haven’t created PayPal Subscription link as maybe you don’t want need my help every month. 



I provide message support 7 days and video call support on scheduled basis. Plus on subscribing to given plan i will keep an eye on your errors and resolve them on my own. In this way your important automations won’t stop.

Creating automations is my full time profession. Therefore i work 24*7. In messages you can contact anytime. For Video support you have to schedule on Calendly here

I can be on any platform. Mostly i am active on email, slack, messenger, linkedin, Zoom (for video calls), clickup.

Yes, I teach on zoom too. If you have any specific doubt or wanna learn about specific modules, i can teach you that on zoom

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