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Social media Automation through project management software

Social media automation is important for every business. As there are much different social media handles posting on all of them is a time-consuming task. Therefore we have come up with a content calendar plan through project management software.

Whatever project management software you use you can build a content calendar with the due date and automatic posts will be created on connected social media handles.


  • Integromat Account
  • Social media handles with admin/moderator/editor/organizer access
  • Content calendar with description, Images ( file or URL Name as image title) and due date on it.
  • Any project management tool compatible with integromat. Check here

Below you will find a summary of the Integromat modules that we will use to create the scenario with clickup. You can replace any project management tool in the same way.

Social media automation Scenario
Social Media Automation

After we introduce these, we will go into the details of each step, so you can recreate the scenario in your own Integromat dashboard. 

  • Clickup > Watch tasks (instant)
  • Clickup > Get tasks:
  • Iterator
  • HTTP > Get a file
  • Router
  • Array Aggregator
  • Facebook Page > Create a post with photos
  • Facebook Groups > upload media
  • Linkedin > Create an Image post
  • Twitter > Create a tweet

1. ClickUp > Watch tasks (instant):

This module is a sort of webhook with conditions. We will set to watch “task status updated”

Social_media_automation ClickUp watch task
ClickUp watch task

As shown in above screenshot, Webbook have to be created to watch instant change in task. Select your desired workspace. We will filter by list as we wanna watch different tasks.

Then select your desired space and list. The event type selected is to be “task status updated” only. And don’t forget to click save.

Social_media_Automation Filter to get scheduled task
Filter needed to get ready to post task.

The filter needed: As shown in above screenshot, “Before: status” need to be equal to “scheduled” status. This will help in filter out the updated task from different status.

2. Clickup > Get tasks:

This module is used to get details of task updated Like task name, description, Image name, Image attachments, due date, labels, etc….

Simply add “Task ID” from first module and get result.

Integromat filter
Filter needed to confirm the due date of posting

Filter Needed : We will check two filters to be sure of date and status. As shown in above screenshot.

  • Due Date must be equal to today’s date. So we will format both of the dates in same format.
    TIP : Make sure that time zone of due date and “now” date must be same.
  • Status : We will filter out if status is equal to “published” or not. This is just to be sure that the task went into correct status or not.
3. Iterator

This module is used to divide the bundles into small different array. This will be used for attachment to get information in different heads. With this we don’t need to care if image to be uploaded is more than 1. This module will take care on it’s own.

4. HTTP > Get a file

This module is used to get Url format image in data format. URL from the previous module will be used here.

Social_media_automation HTTP to get a file
HTTP module – Get a file

As shown in above screenshot, URL will be filled from last module “iterator”. Click on show advanced settings to check the option shown above.

5. Router

This module is used when you wanna share same information with more than one module. To post in different social media handles we will use this module.

6. Array Aggregator

This module is used to aggregate images back for Facebook pages module as it will take URL. This helps to use “n” no of images without any problem.

Array aggregator

As shown in above screenshot, select source module as “iterator”. Target structure type as “photos” from future Facebook pages. Now we have to fill out the required fields.

The caption is all set in this example as “image_name.jpg”.

7. Facebook Page > Create a post with photos

This module is to create a post with image and description.

Facebook Page settings
Facebook pages create post module

As shown in above screenshot, we will select our desired Facebook account and desired Facebook page. Swipe the “Photos” section and fill out from “array aggregator” last module.

Fill out the message section, with description from ClickUp “Get Task” module.

TIP: Don’t interfere of fill out with advance section as it creates error.

8. Facebook Groups > upload media

For this module, a post will be created in the group only if you are an admin or moderator.

Facebook groups settings
Facebook Group create post module

We will select our desired Facebook account and as shown in screenshot above, we will fill the information. We will select our source module as “HTTP – Get a file”. This will take care if there are more than 1 images.

9. LinkedIn > Create an Image post

With this module, You can create a post with public settings.

Linkedin settings
LinkedIn create post

As we have filled out for Facebook groups, we will fill for LinkedIn post. We can fill with public and personal both settings.

10. Twitter > Create a tweet

With 280 characters, you can create a tweet with image or GIF.

Twitter – Create a tweet

As shown in screenshot above, We will use substring function to cut down the characters to 230 as adding image need to cut the character limit. We will map the attachments.

And that’s it. Now just save the scenario and turn it on.


This is how posts can be created in different social media handles from a different project management software. We can add posts on Google my business, WordPress post, Reddit, Instagram, etc.. as mentioned above.

The basic principle is the same for other handles too. Comment below and contact if you have any doubt about this or similar Social media Automation. Also, check out how Project management software can help you to manage business from your smartphone.

Book a strategy call here for your custom scenario to outsource to us or email me to discuss more.

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  1. I have this sort of automation on my Trello and it’s so useful as my team can build content anytime and I just have to put the due date and change status to post on time. The best thing is I don’t need any additional app but manage my social media post on a system where I manage my clients.

    Thank you Princy 🙂