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Email Automation – Bulk Label and delete

In online business, especially today emails are very important. We receive notifications from different apps and services, invoices, Proposals, replies from clients, and many more.

Sometimes newsletters are important for the latest offers and features. Problems that needed to be cured:

  • Label useful Emails like offers, client messages
  • Delete old or outdated offers
  • Keep track of official Conversations with clients.
  • Timely follow-up for service-based, real estate, or digital product-based business

Bulk Labeling

Managing them with labels is easy to sort and track. You won’t need to filter piles of emails for invoices of a particular Client name or any particular app. Just click that particular label and get it in front of you.


I get so many Emails; promotional, study-related, Tools feature updates, Clients replies, prospect enquiries, etc… I have created different labels and set a schedule for my morning 7:30 A.M. and Night 10:00 P.M.

So that whenever I wake up and sleep I can check my emails easily. 

The best part is I don’t need to check so many emails to find my particular client email. I just need to go to a particular label and check the related email. 

contact us, contact, email-2993000.jpg
Bulk Labeling automatically


  • Pile of Emails get organised in labels
  • Easy track of Emails

Bulk Deletion

Promotional Emails are annoying but important so that we can’t miss out on the offer going on for favourite tools. And how can we forget the feature updates Emails which are important to track?

But they become obsolete once the date passed of the offer. Such Emails need to be deleted from the inbox.

Taking out time to delete them one-by-one is time-consuming. And if we don’t then there could be 50,000 emails in inbox which can create mess only to search important emails. 

Then comes the automation in the picture which can delete the emails on its own without our interference. This can delete according to the time received too. For eg: Deleting Emails with promotional Labels after 30 days from the received date.


  • Inbox looks clean.
  • No confusion with outdated offers

E-mail to Project Management software

Just like I use Trello and ClickUp to keep track of my clients, their orders, demands, Prospects, Payments, case studies, and many other things. But this information is scattered some is on Facebook, contact Form 7, slack, emails, etc…

You can read in my project management software Article how this information can be organised.

Most of the content is on email and I don’t like to switch email inboxes every time. So I created automation in which email is updated to my Trello list. And I simply review them then shift to the specifically related list to delete or to take further action and keep track of it.

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