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Form Entries to CRM or Clickup

Contact Form 7 updates

Inquiry Form is an important part of the website for service-based businesses. So managing them and answering them is equally important. The most common is contact form 7. Easy to build and easy to place anywhere for free.

But the Contact form 7 plugin gives the option to update through Email only.

Not to worry with Integromat, It has an instant solution to connect with different apps. As soon as you get an inquiry it can update you on your choice of app and to your team. Slack, ClickUp, Trello, Asana, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, SMS, etc… will have an update on it. And You can easily assign it to your team members or take any action on it.

Form Entries to CRM or Clickup

Any Enquiry form update To your CRM


  • Missing an inquiry will be passed.
  • Easily send the response copy to them on their email.
  • You can send them email updates of the next action steps.
  • You can assign your team members to contact them.

Case study: Contact 7 form to ActiveCampaign

I have a European client who runs a storage business, his clients are in need of custom prices every time. So he has a big sales team who handle these queries. And Active Campaign Automation Randomly divides the leads between teams.

So I created an integromat automation in which whenever Contact form 7 receives an inquiry, a deal is created in ActiveCampaign. An ActiveCampaign system assigns deals to salespeople automatically.

Sometimes repetitive customers ask from the same form. And identifying those to avoid duplicating contacts is necessary.


  • Delegation between team members is automatic and easy.
  • Instant automatic updates
  • No tension of missing any inquiry.

I have created a demo on “contact us” page. Simply fill out the form and see the demo in your email.

In a similar way, Any inquiry form can connect with integromat and update you on different platforms. Read here how integromat helped with Typeform to get hot leads and eliminate information collectors.

Sign Up for Make (Formerly Integromat) here and get 1-month Core plan free.

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