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If you love the thought of automating routine tasks and workflows that suck up your time and energy, you’re not alone. Solving these problems with automated workflows will be the key to freeing up your time.  Never missing a task, and giving you peace of mind that everything is working as it should are other benefits.

But outsourcing these tasks to a person can be error-prone, and let’s be honest, it often feels like it is quicker to do it yourself. Make (Formerly Integromat) has a steep learning curve. You can give start on Make Academy,  if you don’t have 2-3 months to understand how this works then you are at the right place…

I am Princy Jain, Founder of Follow up Automated Private limited and Automation Strategist. 

I start with your pain points, understanding your processes, and figuring out your repetitive work… Then I advise the best solution, with full automated strategy to save time and support you along the way for a fraction of the price that you are currently paying in terms of your time and money to Virtual assistant.

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Some businesses are curious to learn and handle themselves So I consult live on zoom for their specific business situation. I believe you should know what’s going on in automation if you want. So I provide full support in explaining. People whom i guide or helped:

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Make partner got you covered

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now and have helped so many businesses to automate the flows and manage their business from their smartphone. That I am confident to provide free maintenance of scenarios for 2months. I help businesses to automate the repetitive tasks of day to day business activity. Most of the process is the same which you may have to follow daily like accounting process, tracking of sales, track follows up with clients, keeping a record of employee work, Managing invoices, Assigning leads or sales to our team, etc…

I have been working with integromat for 4 years. Activities I help in:

  • Create & Record invoices in different systems and communicate to Accountant automatically.
  • Create a CRM system beautifully in ClickUp.
  • Create Custom apps (Creating modules which are not on make)
  • Manage Emails, sales, invoices, products, customers, and everything on one platform.
  • Manage and assign tasks/leads with your team visually

I have been awarded as one of the Expert in building Custom Apps

In recent listing of custom app experts. I have been recognised as one of the expert. As i have created modules with complex structures, Arrays and collection. 
If you wanna use app for more than one client or want your customers to use the make modules. Then only i suggest custom apps. As with custom apps non-techie person can easily connect modules or apps together…

Partner of the year

I have been awarded with Partner of the year

Recently I got awarded with “Partner of the Year 2021 – APAC” in december 2021 by Integromat (Now Make). For being so active and helping so many businesses they awarded 5-7 Partners around the world. 

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Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique challenges, designing tailored automation solutions, and providing unparalleled support throughout your automation journey.

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