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Personal CRM on Smartphone

Some businesses don’t like the Automatic Email marketing system to send newsletters. Or they wanna send one by one to their clients.

Some businesses communicate through email with their client but switching to an Email app or finding them is a big task.

If your business is one of the above or both, then keep on reading this is for you.

New customer to ClickUp/ Trello/ Asana

My graphic designer client likes to keep his customer information in ClickUp so that he can send updates directly from there. He also wanna manage it from his smartphone. So he can keep an eye even from beach too.

New customer to project management software '
New customer to project management software

He can add tags if email or order has been delivered or not. This helps him to track the status of the customer. To send latest custom updates or offers he can send manually by just clicking on one button. Check here that how can you send email from the ClickUp task comment.

I created an Integromat automation in which whenever a paid/unpaid customer registers on Woo-Commerce; his/her contact details are updated on ClickUp task at same time.

Pros of CRM

  • CRM can be handled through Smartphone.
  • You don’t need to switch costly CRMs and can handle from your daily used Project management software.
  • Best option when you have service-based business and you don’t lots of customer to send bulk updates.
  • You can easily assign customers to your team according to people they handling already.
  • And, You don’t need to share confidential information with your team.
Email to Project management software and vice versa

Cons of CRM

  • It’s not advisable for 1000+ customers business to send updates
  • This is not advisable to switch your system from good CRM to project management system.
  • This is cost effective but for people who doesn’t need to do follow- up after a month with customers

Try clickup here with my affiliate link and get 14- day free trial. You can also use my code “FUPA” to get 15% off on paid plans. Don’t forget to check that how ClickUp can help to manage services and assign them to the team?

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  1. I am an interior designer. So I have to keep record of different demands of my customers and assign them to my team members. Integromat helped me to assign them automatically and track progress so that I can deliver on time.