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E-commerce to Product Management – Etsy to Neto

Different countries have different software for E-commerce so Australia has. It has one popular software NETO which helps in Australian B2B and multi-channel selling that provides an all-in-one solution for e-commerce, POS, inventory management, order management, and shipping labelling.

Similarly, I got one client from Australia who has an E-commerce business and sells his gift packing stuff on different platforms.

 He uses the Neto E-commerce platform to manage his orders on eBay, Amazon, and his personal website. Since he was getting good responses from all platforms he wanted to add Etsy orders too.

How Make .com (Formerly integromat) will be helpful in E-commerce


Etsy doesn’t have integration with Neto. And checking Etsy every time is a time-wasting task, as now he will be in need to check 2 platforms. Plus he has to update product details twice (On Neto as well as on Etsy).

Problems are:

  • Neto doesn’t support Etsy
  • He can’t update Etsy products details directly from Neto
  • He can’t track the order details from Neto and send them to his team.
  • This is ongoing work for a full day and delegating to a VA is not economical.
Add product to WooCommerce Shopify ETSY
  • Etsy orders take 2-3 days to approve the payment, which means someone has to track that and pass the order after payment is approved.
  • Customer details in his system to do after-sale follow up or marketing tactics like sending the newsletter.
  • The shipping information has to be updated back on Etsy which was generated through Neto.


I created Make. com (formerly Integromat) automation for him. It wasn’t easy as Etsy and NETO’s modules are limited in their capabilities. The order received in Make. com (formerly Integromat) doesn’t contain information on the products sold.

I was in need of an API to get the transaction details. And Neto Add an order API as the existing module was limited.

Etsy paid receipts to Neto Add order

Checking the customer with already existing customers is necessary as there were many customers who re-visit and order again. Adding a tag of Etsy is also necessary. As that helped my client to track the sales from different sales channels.

Solutions provided by Make. com (formerly Integromat) were as follow:

  • Automatically paid orders were created in the Neto platform
  • No need for the client to track if the payment of the order is approved or not.
  • New paid customers have added automatically to the Neto platform. NO duplication occurs as it checks with existing customers
  • Easy delegation of order to a relevant team member.
  • The client can easily track the sales from different sales channel as tag of “Etsy” is also added to orders
  • With the tag of Etsy in product details on Neto can create a new product in Etsy with its variant.
NETO to ETSY product updated
NETO to ETSY product updated
  • While watching the updated product in Neto, Quantity of products in Etsy can be managed too.
  • When order status will change in Neto, it will automatically pick the shipping information and update the Etsy order.

Sign Up Make. com (formerly Integromat) here and Read here about how Make. com (formerly Integromat) can be useful to update products on a different platform or How you can manage orders on CRM and assign them to the team members?

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