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Add product to Woo Commerce Shopify

Create or Update product Automatically

I saw many people hire VAs for creating and updating the products in their E-commerce store. It’s a good decision to save time. But what if you can save some money and time when you have lots of products or changes to make on daily basis??

With this automation, you can create or update products easily as you don’t need to write everywhere but in just one place.

Add product to Woo Commerce Shopify

As you can see in the above flow chart products can be created from Airtable or Google sheets while picking images from google drive and dropbox.

Then it will be automatically updated in Woo-Commerce, Shopify, or Etsy. Yes with its variants it can be created. This will save time as you don’t need to go through several options to select and then enter data. But simply update the records or column with information on the same page.

Now let’s see mathematically:

If a product takes 10 min to create with 3 variants, Then on average it will take at least 30 minutes daily (not counting updation of other products)

This means you save 11 hours a month (on average) from creating products and their variants only. You just need to update the google sheet / Airtable as usual and the rest is handled by automation automatically.


  • 11 hours per month will be saved from creating products and their variants for small-sized business
  • You don’t need to keep on checking the VA if he/she has created a product or not
  • The product creation process will be easy and quick (at your fingertips)

Update Quantity or stock automatically

This is almost similar to the creation of products. The only difference is to make change is existing products. Whenever you make a change in your stock quantity records, it will automatically update the E-commerce platform for that.

Let’s take an example

I have one Australian client who manages his E-commerce business of gift packaging material with NETO Software (Australian E-commerce software). He sells on different platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and his own website. SO he needs to manage and upgrade the stock on every platform.

Product updated

Unfortunately, Neto doesn’t support Etsy to update products so he needed a 3rd party app help or VA to update the quantity every day. I created automation to check Neto for products created in Etsy and update the stock every midnight.

As shown in the above picture I created a filter to make sure that products that are available on Esty will be updated.

IF you are a NETO user then check out this case study of NETO to Etsy and this can be connected with any app you desire through .

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