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Automated Client On-Boarding

Automated On-Boarding Journey – Welcome clients Automatically

Everyone talks about generating leads, nurturing them and then finally closing them. But what about after that?? You have to take some steps to complete the deal officially.

But it’s not important that you have to do it manually….

After closing the deal, (listening yes from the prospect😍) lead can also become an official client automatically with automation.

Automated On-Boarding Journey
Automated On-Boarding Journey

If you are doing these or any manually, keep digging further:

  • Manually have to update client information on all platforms (Google contacts, Email software, Invoice software and whatnot)
  • Create invoices and contract manually
  • Save them on drive manually then worry to send that to the accountant manually
  • Create and add members to slack’s new channel

Here is the solution

  • Create contact and then invoice without lifting your finger

In today’s tech era, generating invoices is not a required manual step. You don’t need to do it manually or ask your VA to do that. You simply just Mark it as sold in your CRM and it will be done automatically.

  • Generate contract and send it to get it signed automatically

Getting NDA or contract signed is important for any project but it’s not important to generate manually. You can use Google docs with automation to generate it and then send it to get signed automatically.
Automation will generate from a google Docs template and then save it into drive for your reference in future.

  • Keep Track in sheets, Airtable or in CRM

If you like to keep track of invoices or contracts in google Sheets, Airtable or CRM. That can also be done. Automation can save the record in that and send updates to it without need for VA.

Process Explained

Fill out . You will receive an instruction email to follow. And when I approve in Trello you will receive a payment link of PayPal on which paying will lead you to test the Complete automated Purchase Journey.

Feel free to contact me through email or messenger for more information. Or book strategy call here.

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